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Gunny OD

I've read many stories about the death a Marine and recounting how they had influenced  thier troops by thier examples, deeds etc. At those times I've often thought how much better it might be to let them know how much they are respected while they are still with us. My older brother, Master Gunnery Sgt.  Thomas F. O'Donnell ( aka " OD ") is one of those Marines. OD enlisted in the Corps in 1950 and served in the Korean War. He served in many posts and I served under him when he was the Chief  Instuctor at radio school Camp Lejuene, and I was a brand new Marine serving with 2ND Tnk Bn. He later served several tours in Nam and during that conflict  he became a victim of Agent Orange. He's developed many of the illnesses associated with  that chemical. OD is legally blind, suffers from diabetes, heart problems and was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer of the lungs and liver. I know he'd love to hear from any of his old buddies and would be glad  to exchange old war stories. He can be contacted at  tel.# 252-727-5090. Call him up and make the Gunny's last days a little more enjoyable.

Cpl. Gene (aka "Little OD ) ODonnell

USMC 1955-59 2ND. & 3RD Tank BN.

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