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H & S Co MCRD San Diego

H & S Co MCRD San Diego

Letter from
Sid Gerling
Sgt of Marines

August of 1948 I was assigned to H & S Co MCRD San Diego. As you pointed , there was a small room in the Administration building, directely across from the then Base Chapel. A retired Marine lived there along with two ducks. This retired Marine had a long and glorious career to be proud of and on occasion would share sea stories to us inexperienced Marines regarding Haiti, China and WW-2. He spent many of those years as a Boxer representing the Corps against any and all. He had a copy of a old “Leatherneck” which had a spread regarding his career as a boxer in the Corps. As you remember his quarters were “donated” to him by the then Commanding general of MCRD. The Sgt had trained his two “Duck” friends to March, About Face and many other commands as well as Push Up. The Sgt was responsible for maintenance of the Generals office on the second deck. And believe me it was as squared away as you describe his own quarters. The attached picture was taken in the Administration building, Christmas 1949. If any Marines in the picture recognizes themselves and want a copy Please have them contact me at

ADAKUSMC2 [at] AOL [dot] COM


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