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Ham and MF

Having extra time on my hands these days I just thought I would try and make my own version of ham and limas. Turned out pretty good. It was missing something though I think it was the fatty goo and mushy MFs that I remember. I do make a lot of beans and wienies. Mine are more like chilli beans and wienies. Anyone hear about the Marine traveling across country. Stopped for gas somewhere in Arizona. After filling his tank and being short on funds thought he would try to get some free stuff. Told the owner ( former Army guy) That for a pack of smokes that he would make his dog talk. The owner said you’re on. The Marine being able to throw his voice ask the dog. “how does your owner treat you?” The dog answered “He beats me, hardly ever feeds me, and keeps me tied up all of the time” The owner grumbled alittle but gave the Marine his smokes. The Marine thought “Wow this dude is easy” So he thought he would try again. He said,” For a six pack of beer I can make those sheep in that field talk.” The owner handed the Marine the six pack and said “Those sheep will lie”

Harry 1371

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Dave Hluchy - December 27, 2020

What does MF mean? Lima beans?

Rudy gibbs - May 19, 2020

Thanks for the lol Rudy 1371 up 3056 pI my Gmail is

Harry 1371 - May 19, 2020

Judge Roy, I think you hit it! Most likely won’t be around to enjoy them though!

Judge Roy Mater - May 19, 2020

must can them and then not open for 27 years !!!

Harry 1371 - May 19, 2020

OK…That’s a good one!

G. Willard 0311, 8651/0321, 8511,…. - May 19, 2020

That’s a fact Harry…still funny. Like the one about the guy in the bar that had a horse with the sign, “If you can make me laugh my owner will give you $500”. Guy walks in, whispers in the horse’s ear, and the horse laughs so hard he almost fell down. Owner pays the guy the $500. Next day, same guy walks in. Now the sign says, “If you can make me CRY my owner will pay you $500”. Guy walks up in front of the horse, second later the horse starts crying. Owner asks the guy, “How’d you do that??”. As the guy stuffed the $500 in his pocket he said, “I told him mine was bigger than his and he laughed”.
“Yeah, but how’d you make him cry?”.
“I showed him”.

Harry 1371 - May 19, 2020

Yeah. It’s old, but still funny.

Doc Paul 1949 - May 19, 2020

Buddy Hackett on the Johnny Carson show did that skit many years ago!!!

Thomas Mosher - May 19, 2020

I also make ham&MF’s on occasion. I leave the fat on the ham so I don’t miss anything. But the hot sauce I have cut down, old gut can’t take it. I also make beefsteak and ball busters. I use the canned as a base, then add more meat and onions. Cheese of course. Only thing I can’t duplicate is the John Wayne crackers. Semper Fi, TomM

Harry 1371 - May 19, 2020

My wife feels the same. Always thought I was kinda strange. Harry 1371

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