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Ham And MoFos

Ham & MoFos were beyond nasty. Some guys tried to doctor them with hot sauce and/or C-ration cheese. Absolutely nothing could help them other than when they became landfill.

I have seen the first photo many – many times. I have never gazed upon that second photo… and from now on, I will grab the eye bleach before making another sighting.

We had a name for these in Viet Nam… the name involved a rather nasty term. And, yes, they could (and did) cause gastric disturbances. We called them "Ham and Mother f—–s. Use your imagination or just guess. I do recall that there was a guy from Louisiana who just loved these, however. He'd trade beef steak and potatoes for them.

John Wear
Vietnam Tankers Association

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SSgt John Little Eagle – Freeman - July 15, 2020

Well I was raised in Louisiana & Texas and was more than willing to trade peaches, or anything I had, for them. THE SECRET is to heat them boiling hot for all you Yanks. Didn’t need Tabasco, but if ya had it….what the hell, dump that in too. When I was still able to, I grew my own out back. Now I buy them (canned are best). We call ’em “Fart Beans” for those of you who aren’t familiar with the fine art of soul food.

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