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Hand Salute for the Gunny

Hand Salute for the Gunny

Hand Salute; Happy 80th Birthday and a hope for Fair Winds and Calm Seas for Gunnery Sergeant Robert L. Fitzwater USMC 1951 – 1976. The Gunny is a Combat Veteran of Korea and Vietnam, and rose from Buck Sergeant to Series Chief Gunny of 3rd Bn Parris Island.

He is the father of Sgt R.D. Fitzwater USMC 1983 – 1995 Combat Veteran of Panama (Just Cause) and Desert Shield/Storm.

He is also the grandfather of three Combat Veteran Soldiers; 1SGT Tomas P. Fitzwater US Army Ranger – Afghanistan, SSGT Carl R. Fitzwater US Army Airborn Infantry – Iraq and Afghanistan, and SSGT John W. Lee US Army Infantry, Veteran – Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Gunny Fitzwater turns 80 on March 15, 2014. Semper Fi.

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