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Handmade Blanket

Handmade Blanket

My son joined the Marines in March of 2006 and went to boot camp at MCRD in San Diego in November 2006. While he was there this is how I passed the time. (The slogan ” I survived my son’s boot camp” was true for this mom.)He had requested that I make him a blanket (crochet). I sent him pictures as it progressed. His rack mate and a few others wanted one too. Sorry guys. It’s one of a kind.I will provide the pattern if someone wants to make one. My son, Ryan, is a third generation Marine. My father-in law, my husband and now Ryan are all Marines. His father and I got to watch him graduate. We are proud of him. Marines are truly special people.

Genia Coffey
Proud daughter-in , proud wife, and proud Mom of a Marine

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