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Happy 230th Birthday To The Corps

Happy 230th Birthday To The Corps
B. Howard

The birthday ball is coming soon.
Devil Dogs will smile and dance under the moon.
As they sway gently holding loved ones in their arms,
Their thoughts steal away to their brothers who face harm.

Just for a moment, they want to be over there,
Just to make sure the perimeter is clear.
The love and regard these men have for each other
Is a bond common to all Marine Corps brothers.

The night is so peaceful -a celebration of pride,
Still, these warriors remember the ones who have died.
In the midst of this beautiful evening scene,
One table is set which will seat no Marine.

As the oldest and youngest step up to speak,
A prayer for the lost ones ?a tear on my cheek.
We will never forget them or let their valor be lost.
We will always remember freedom carries a cost.

As we drive safely home, go to sleep and dream dreams,
Let us all remember to thank our Marines!

Happy Birthday and may God bless the United States Marine Corps.

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