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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


This day, Our Marine Corps is 233 years old. I had the wonderful pleasure this weekend to be in Arlington National Cemetary, and see also the Iwo Jima Memorial, also know as the Marine Corps Memorial. I walked around the Iwo Jima Memorial, not knowing what I was supposed to be feeling. I circled it twice, snapped photos of the sculpture, the base, it was beautiful. As I walked around the side to the right, a 12 or 13 year old boy was on the surrounding ledge, walking around the memorial. I motioned with my arm for him to get down. He did, and walked back to his folks. Another guy from my training class, asked why I did that.

“Are you kdding? He was walking on my memorial!”

He wanted me to explain, but I didn’t bother. He was Air Force.

In addition to not allowing others to tarnish anything representative of the Marine Corps, do not forget about yourselves. Others see you, and know who you are, what you represent. Don’t allow the heritage of the Corps to be anything but the best within your life.

Happy Birthday, and Semper Fidelis!

-Jeremy Doxey, Former Corporal of Marines, 1992-1996

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