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Have It All

Have It All

For those guys interested, here are some of the guns we took from the VC and NVA. As you can see there is an AK47, then my M14, a Greasegun and two M 16's. With the exception of my M14 all these guns were captured from the enemy.

In those days the AR15/M16 was considered one of newest Weapons in the US Arsenal, this was the first time it was used in Combat. The enemy always liked to get American Weapons because American Fighting men, when a battle is over will drop the magazine and reload with as full mag.

The enemy picks up dropped rounds of ammunition, and any other equipment he finds, broken rifles, dented magazines and ammunition, everything. He'll put it to use to kill and we kept dropping what we didn't need or want.

Half eaten "C" rations filled many an enemy stomach and they went on fighting, always on the lookout for more supplies from the Americans who seemed to have it all. We even found packages of cigarettes on the enemy, some guy dropped a package of cigarettes because they were old and had spots on them, H-ll, the enemy didn't have the resupply program we had and a cigarette was a cigarette.

But don't think this is a Modern problem, on the pacific Islands during World War II, enemy soldiers left behind and hiding out from the Americans, found disliked "K" rations and any other rations, food is food to a starving man regardless of race. How many times have you chucked a can of beans and rice or some other chow cause it wasn't a food you liked.

GySgt. F. L. Rousseau, USMC retired

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