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Having a Bad Mustache

Yo Sarge,

When i was a lowly Cpl, i never put much thought into what i was doing or what it took to get there. I had good times and bad, with some of the greatest people on this earth. But i never put two seconds of thought into what i was doing, where i had been or especially what i had Become. The MC ball was a duty, not actually fun. too much brass and formality. ahhhh. youth is surely wasted on the young.

If only i could go back and NOT lose track of those green morons. I recently lost a good friend, Lcpl Al Zaldivar. His love of corps reminded me just how proud i Really was to have served. I went to one MCA meeting with him and then he dropped dead. Thanks Al, for unlocking something that had been hiding for years. My wife and kids are only just beginning to understand that my packed away uniforms meant more than dressing funny and having a bad moustache… Al, I hope you got choice duty up there.. And thanks buddy, for saving my *ss. I didn’t even realize i had lost such an important thing as being a ‘former.’ The afterlife just kinda hazed over anything that might have happened all those years ago. Semper fi meatheads, one and all.especially to the ones on permanent LRRP.

Cpl Wayne Pedersen, 81-84 “psycho”
2d Radio Bn, Bravo CO

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D.M. Tostenson ’65-’71, RVN ’66-67. (Amgrunt), S/Sgt, USMC - April 13, 2020

‘Yo Sarge’ and ‘LRRP’ sounds like doggie talk to me. Is this poster a “Poser” or did he serve too long with the Army Reserve after a short stint in our beloved Corps?

Chuck Downey - April 13, 2020

I also served with 2nd Radio Bn after Corry Station from May ’76 until my EAS in August of ’79. Initially in B Company as 2631, but transitioned to A Company as 2651 after my first NATO cruise in ’76 (shortage of DF operators). Anyway, “Having a Bad Mustache” caught my eye because I got gigged for an out-of-reg ‘stache while aboard the USS Nashville in ’76. I don’t think I was quite 19 and the thing was a barely visible starving caterpillar above my upper lip. It was a proud moment for me. Semper Fi to my fellow Rag Baggers! Cpl. Chuck Downey 2631/2651 19Aug75 – 18Aug79.

Michael Drapeau - April 13, 2020

Imagine my surprise when I saw 2nd Rad Bn mentioned.It was my assigned unit when I served.1967-1971 2nd Rad Bn Opns Co DF Plt.4 great years.Many great people I had the chance to serve with.Semper Fi to my brothers. Cpl. Michael Drapeau 2571/2579

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