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Head Detail

Everyone was given an assignment in boot camp on a cleaning detail. The head detail had to clean the urinals and the toilets ( without gloves ) and we all took pride in our jobs assigned to us- as if we did a poor job we got P T ‘d to a excruciating extreme – or sometimes we walked into a Drill Instructors closed hand- or like ” Divine Intervention’, we bounced off of walls – etc. One recruit was always flustered of the D I ‘s and was a jellyfish – when how as spoken too- got very nervous and stammered- The last recruit out of the head at the end of our day had to yell out, ” Sir, the head is clear.” ( If someone ran out of the head after this announcement we all caught hell. This evening- our stammering mate was the last one out of the head- and our D I that night was the biggest ball buster of the three D I’s. So befittingly the Recruit runs out and doesn’t say anything- so the D I approaches him and says, ” Num-nuts did you forget to inform me of something.’ The private come to attention and blurts out – ” Sorry Sir, My head is clear.” The D I tries not to laugh- and really busts out laughing- and runs into his quarters and shuts the hatch. A few minutes he come out and actually hugs the recruit- and tells us to take five- then hit the rack. Even the D I’s at times were human. Usually one of the three was a hard ass- and one was the comical one and one in between – one served in Korea and told us stories about the North Koreans and their savagery – a later post will describe a Marine Sgt. who was in WW 11 and some more tales.
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John Mason Sgt ’67-69 Echo 2/27 and Delta 1/9 April of 68 to May 69 - May 22, 2020

I remember the first time in boot camp at MCRD San Diego. What a shock to see 70 Boots trying to take a dump at the same time when you have been used to solo privacy for your whole life and your Drill Sgt is yelling to get moving. Fast forward a year and you walk out in front of the company lines with your e-tool to dig a hole and go in front of God and the whole company!

Sgt. Wolf aka Bob Rader - May 22, 2020

Head aboard ship was a row of seats atop running water…from one bulkhead to the other. Fun part was when some shitbird would set fire to a wad of toilet paper and set it asail beneath bare butts above. Anything to kill time in the troop hold.

James V. Merl - May 22, 2020

Seeing the rows of commodes in this head reminded me of when I reported in at the Marine Corps Travel Expense and Disbursing School at Montford Point, Camp Lejeune in April 1958. I had been stationed at Camp Pendleton. When I had to go to the head at Montford Point, I noticed a sign above the last commode. It read: VD Only. I didn’t know if it was a joke, or the real McCoy. I’ve often thought of that sign, and any Marine who may have used it. By today’s standards, it seemed primitive. I’m sure anyone who had VD would not have used it. So if perchance you could get VD from a toilet seat, you never knew if the culprit used any of the other commodes!

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