Head Detail

Everyone was given an assignment in boot camp on a cleaning detail. The head detail had to clean the urinals and the toilets ( without gloves ) and we all took pride in our jobs assigned to us- as if we did a poor job we got P T ‘d to a excruciating extreme – or sometimes we walked into a Drill Instructors closed hand- or like ” Divine Intervention’, we bounced off of walls – etc. One recruit was always flustered of the D I ‘s and was a jellyfish – when how as spoken too- got very nervous and stammered- The last recruit out of the head at the end of our day had to yell out, ” Sir, the head is clear.” ( If someone ran out of the head after this announcement we all caught hell. This evening- our stammering mate was the last one out of the head- and our D I that night was the biggest ball buster of the three D I’s. So befittingly the Recruit runs out and doesn’t say anything- so the D I approaches him and says, ” Num-nuts did you forget to inform me of something.’ The private come to attention and blurts out – ” Sorry Sir, My head is clear.” The D I tries not to laugh- and really busts out laughing- and runs into his quarters and shuts the hatch. A few minutes he come out and actually hugs the recruit- and tells us to take five- then hit the rack. Even the D I’s at times were human. Usually one of the three was a hard ass- and one was the comical one and one in between – one served in Korea and told us stories about the North Koreans and their savagery – a later post will describe a Marine Sgt. who was in WW 11 and some more tales.
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