Heady Humor

Heady Humor

I attended the University of Parris Island in October of 1963. Unlike several, I beat the draft by enlisting!! Boot Camp restrictions are something ONLY a Marine would understand. Among them was a restriction of movement in the barracks after lights out. Unfortunately, natures movement are about the ONLY thing that ignored Drill Instructors! In the middle of ONE night, nature took command and I sneaked into the head around two A.M. It was pitch black and I had to feel my way to the closest relief station. I was in the middle of my mission when I heard the station a couple down from me release it’s cargo. I was frozen and no further relief was possible. As I listened, the other visitor completed his mission and I heard him walk across the floor. THEN, the lights came on! There was one of my Drill Instructors! Let’s just say it didn’t take me long to finish my business! The rest is a blur of memory! Bill Kidd, SSgt, USMC, 1st Battalion, Platoon 185
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  • ArtyMgySgt

    I was in Plt. 238 at PISC in 1961 and one early morning I had to made an emergency head call and as I left the head I saw the lights were on in the squad bay and I had to pass the duty D.I. on my return to my rack. Nothing was ever said to me regarding my unauthorized head call.

  • Jim Albert

    Hey Cpl. James Kanavy we were in the same platoon in PI 321/1966 Jan- Mar…glad to see you made it….Semper Fi

  • Harry

    Say when and, we ‘ll set a time. Where in Indiana are you headed? I would go to Kokomo every Sept for the BIG Vietnam Vets reunion. Quit going 2009. Harry

  • Sgt. Hodge

    Plt. 394, 1965 , Sgt. Thornton, Sgt. Payne, Sgt. Hilton. I do remember the “Ewe Juice” don’t remember ever having the smoking lamp lit. I was one of the few that didn’t smoke, picked that habit up in 1966,put it down in 1999. Sgt. Payne had a strong dislike for reservist, we had one, Payne spent a lot of time chasing him around the squad bay with his NCO sword trying to get him to ship over. The Drill instructors were fond of tag teaming on some poor recruit. One morning during arms inspection Sgt. Thornton stepped in front of me, as I came to port arms I bumped him with my rifle. Suddenly I was on the ground looking up at Sgt. Thornton. I cherish every moment I spent in the Corps, and give thanks to my three SGTs. for preparing me to become a MARINE. VNam 1967/1968

  • George Goodwin

    I attended Parris Island in January 1987. Funny, I can’t remember if we had walls between the toilets or not. I think we did but no doors. I lucked out and was one of the platoon scribes so I made the fire watch. I always put myself as the second to last watch so I could use the shitter and be dressed when the DI got up.

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