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Heartbreak Ridge

Heartbreak Ridge

Love reading the Sgt. Grit Newsletter, I have a contribution some may find interesting.

In the summer of 1986 Clint Eastwood was directing and starring in 'Heartbreak Ridge' as GySgt Thomas Highway.  It's a bit hokey with lots of inaccuracies but still contains enough to hold the attention of most Marines.  Highway's recon unit is supposedly based out of Camp Lejeune but in fact the movie was filmed at Camp Pendleton and MCAS El Toro only one month before I reported to VMGR-352 / MAG-11 / 3rd MAW (my last duty station before leaving active duty).  Clint had even signed the overhead control panel with a Sharpie on the flight deck of tail # 019, a KC-130F.  (The KC-130 is a rugged, reliable, versatile, awesome aircraft, been flying now more than 50 years)

Clint stands tall in cammies here.  Second from right is my boss GySgt Peterson, Flight Crew and NCOIC of Electric Shop, and far right is my buddy Sgt Ken (last name withheld) who was a Loadmaster.  Interestingly, I work with Ken now, but we did not know each other then though our duty in 352 overlapped by several months.  Lots of the extras at the end of the movie were 352 Marines and you can clearly see the squadron CO, LtCol Ritchie.

(SSGT) Scott E. Bawinkel

USMC 1981 – 1990

Fox River Grove, IL

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