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Helmand, Afghanistan 2009

Helmand, Afghanistan 2009

Sept. 29th 2009 is the date this story takes place. To begin I served as a Weapons Co. Heavy Machine-Gunner (0331 2/8 wpns co.) Our plt. pushed out from FOB Delhi early that afternoon to patrol some new area's of the western desert we had not yet visited. EOD accompanied us as the area we were headed was known to be riddled with IED's. My section establised a VCP by the "main" road, While section one began clearing the ridge we intended to establish support by fire positions on.

After around three hour's (and four controlled detonations) Our truck and a few select other's were chosen to set up on the ridge overlooking two small villages. My team leader began stressing the danger's of putting a humvee on the ridge when we had 7 ton's and MRAP's. The section leader of course ordered us to procede anyway so we did.

As we pushed up onto the ridge our Plt. commander gestured for us to push off to the right. That is the last thing I remember before a massive IED blew the truck in half. The most important thing to remember from this story and picture is that no one lost their life. Although four of us were inside and several of our plt. was within 5 meters of the truck.

As the story has been explained to me I was pulled out of the wrecked vehicle covered in diesel, blood, and rocks with minor injuries (TBI, shrapnel, and a broken wrist.) Two of the other's however were not so fortunate. One friend is parylyzed for life from the waist down the other lost a leg (the frag five humvee door landed on his leg's.) Our team leader sustained similar injuries to mine, But we all survived.

This story proves to me that a higher power truly does have a hard on for Marines.


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