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Her Name is Semper Fi

Just wanted to show you my love of the Corps. Here are pictures of my 2010 Dodge Challenger. Her name is Semper Fi.

Paul Pineault
CPL USMC ’81-’86
High Point, NC

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Pete Killian - July 14, 2020

My dog would love riding in that car. His name is Semper Fido.

L/Cpl Rich 1965-1967 Vietnam and always till the day i die a MARINE. - July 14, 2020

Beautiful car with the Marine Corp decals, so Proud of my Corp. There is so much comrodity with the corp,there is no other branch that is so tight in brotherhood,We always back each other up, because we are Marines!! Semper-Fi

Hank - July 14, 2020


Sgt Dave Charbonneau 2571 Marine Support Battalion Co “G” Sabana Seca, PR - July 14, 2020

Proudly displaying the United States Marine Corps and proud to be a U.S. Marine. That says it all. Thank you for your service Marine.
You must really enjoy struttin’ your stuff.
Semper Fi

Tom Prince - July 14, 2020

“Outstanding!” Semper fidelis

Rick Normandin - July 14, 2020

Beautiful job Marine!!

R. Morse - July 14, 2020

As we used to say, back in the crotch, “Fuckin Aye”

Gary Baum - July 14, 2020

Very ,very nice Marine. SEMPER FIRST, to all Marines past and present . 1971 to 1975 Sgt

Sgt Robert Padgett 2nd Marine Division 1963 to 1967 - July 14, 2020

What a great looking decals Semper Fi till I die

Rich Larsen - July 14, 2020

That is the “Wickedest, Hard Chargin’(No Pun Intended), Ass Kickin’, Name Taking, Devil Dog, Lifermobile” paint job that would do Chesty Puller proud that I have truly ever seen. You have gone Above and Beyond the Call of Graphics Duty with this performance!!! oOOOoh Rah!!! If you ever need Guard Duty on that thing in a parking lot…Give me a call.

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