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Heroes Now and Then

Heroes Now and Then
by David L. Bell

Some thought you did it for the paycheck,
Some thought you just had weekend fun,
There were those who didn’t take you serious,
But you trained for a job to be done.

Some of you are in the Military Reserves,
And some in the National Guard,
We never thought you’d ever leave us,
But you did when duty called.

You were heading for a possible battle,
We prayed you wouldn’t have to fight,
“Dear God, watch over our friends and loved ones”,
And help them make it through the night.

History was made in that desert sand,
It’s been awhile- a war we won,
You fought with your soul and all your heart,
It was without doubt a job well done.

Over 500,000 troops in “Desert Shield”,
But you were a few of our own,
You’ll never know how proud we were,
And so glad you made it home.

Some thirty years ago there was another war,
And like now the troops returned,
But they didn’t get a heroes welcome,
They were cursed and flags were burned.

But you made us all proud to be “Americans”,
The yellow ribbons and the American flags,
From coast to coast the people cheered,
You got the welcome they never had.

So our friends be proud of what you did,
You showed the world we’re second to none,
The Iraq’s might not agree,
But to America -you are number one.

Then you were sent to Somalia Land,
A place of war, hunger and death,
You were sent to give a helping hand,
So as Americans you did your best.

Most were glad you came,
The world watched- America stood still,
It was only a peace keeping mission,
So why were Americans killed.

So let us thank the ones not coming home,
The ones who gave their lives for this land,
They died in Nam, Iraq- all over the world,
And they were proud to be “Americans”.

Written ? David Bell 1990

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright ? 1990All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission

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