Hey Marines! I Need Some Help

Hey Marines! I Need Some Help

Hey, SgtGRIT readers and contributors! I need some help. You and SgtGRIT helped me out before with my first book. Now I’m looking for more funny, true boot camp stories that you either experienced yourself or witnessed. I would love to hear from some Women Marines as well this time. Also, I’m sure there are some ex-Drill Instructors among you that could share some pretty funny stories. If you’re willing to contribute stories (yes, more than one can be used) please include your date of enlistment, duty station (PI or SD) and your bootcamp picture if available.

Semper Fi
Jim Barber
March 6, 1958

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  • Jim Barber

    Claude, send me this story with your date of enlistment, duty station, platoon number and boot camp picture to bootcampstories4@gmail.com.

  • Gio

    I went through OCS in the summer of 71. For reasons unknown to us lowly Candidates we were moved to a different barracks every day for the first four days. Each time you were assigned a different rack. On the third night in a new barracks we stood at attention in front of our racks as the Sergeant Instructor standing next to the light switch gave the commands Prepare to Mount, followed by Mount! The two Candidates at the rack next to the light switch both jumped into the bottom rack. Needless to say the Sergeant Instructor went ballistic questioning their sexual preferences and accused them of attempting to pull him into the rack with them. The rest of the platoon laid in our racks at attention but could not stifle our laughter and were allowed to get away with it. The two sexual offenders did bends and mothers for a long time and the fire watch was given specific instructions to check through out his 2 hour watch that they remained in their own rack and to pass it on their relief to do the same. The next day was our haircut day. We were standing at attention “rockets to sockets” lined up in front of the barber shop in Mainside Quantico. The two sexual offenders from the previous night were together in the line. The Sergeant Instructor saw this and again went nuts. He pulled the two of them out of the line and said if the were going to continue in their sexual perversion they will have to make it legal. On the steps of the barbershop he conducted a marriage ceremony complete with cigar bands for rings. He did not have them kiss to end the ceremony but did have them hold hands and skip together around the block yelling “We are married”. This time most of the rest of us realized that laughing in public would not be an option, those that did paid the price.

  • Dick Elchert Plt. 279

    Boot Camp P.I. May 67. We had our week of Mess Duty A the W.M. mess hall. One day a W.M. D.I. marched her girls up to the front of the Hall, put them at ease. Then she called them to attention saying. When I say ATTENTION all I want to hear is 70 pussys sucking for air. We about died laughing. You probably won’t be able to print this one.

  • Claude Michel

    Had a member of my 3rd Battalion, Plt 3029, 1979, named Recruit Sacks. He reminded me a bit of “Sad Sacks” actually. We were at the rifle range, he was on the ready box to my right so he was clearly in my view. My SDI, SSgt Vickers walked up to him w/a small toad in his hand & I believe jokingly told him to “eat this f%*king toad Sacks. As fast as he said it, Sacks snatched the toad from his hand, put it in his mouth & started chewing. The look on my Audi’s face was classic disbelief. Needless to say, I couldn’t help snickering & did some time in “the pit. Like they drilled into our heads, “discipline is instant, willing, obedience to orders, Sir”. This was a clear example of it. I still chuckle to this day when I think of that day.

  • Jim Barber

    Dan, any help you can give to locate the Sgt would be appreciated. Send your story to me at bootcampstories4@gmail.com

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