Hey Marines! I Need Some Help

Hey Marines! I Need Some Help

Hey, SgtGRIT readers and contributors! I need some help. You and SgtGRIT helped me out before with my first book. Now I’m looking for more funny, true boot camp stories that you either experienced yourself or witnessed. I would love to hear from some Women Marines as well this time. Also, I’m sure there are some ex-Drill Instructors among you that could share some pretty funny stories. If you’re willing to contribute stories (yes, more than one can be used) please include your date of enlistment, duty station (PI or SD) and your bootcamp picture if available.

Semper Fi
Jim Barber
March 6, 1958

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  • Jim Barber

    Ed, send me the details please Jim Barber bootcampstories4@gmail.com

  • Jim Barber

    Jim, send me the details please Jim Barber bootcampstories4@gmail.com

  • Jim Barber

    Rober, send me the details of this story to bootcampstories4@gmail.com Jim Barber

  • Dan

    Jim Barber needs to locate Sgt. Solmes. This guy was the meanest, scariest DI that ever walked the face of the earth. I,m sure he would have some great stories, like the time he put a tape recorder “ON” in our tent when he had run us back from the rifle range. He then called one of the recruits into the duty tent- did not say a word but just played the recording of the recruit saying bad things about him. He then dismissed the recruit telling him he would be dealt with later, leaving the recruit to contemplate his future.

  • Dan Dalton

    Boot Camp 1981 SD,,,Hygiene inspection right before we hit the rack one night. We would stand on our footlockers in our skivvies which were boxers, the DI would inspect that everybody was clean,etc,etc and then the last thing we would do was an about face and he would check our Achilles tendon to make sure it was not swollen or injured. That’s what was going on when Pvt Hansen did his about face. After he turned around the DI noticed he had put his skivvies on backwards and his lilly white butt was shining through the hole just about at face level with the DI. I cannot remember exactly what all was screamed at Hansen but his heterosexuality was seriously being questioned! I remember that was one of the few times as a platoon we lost our bearing with laughter and did not pay dearly for it!!!

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