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Hill 200 or 250

Hill 200 or 250

I was the the officer in charge of Hill 250 from January 1969 until September 1970. 1st Recon was sent to the hill to provide security for the IOD and my men and I, in that order. We had thermite (sp?) grenades strapped to the IOD. Our job was to destroy it should we get over run. The IOD (Integrated Observation Device) was my responsibility. I remember the dozer being brought to level some high ground adjacent to our hill.

I also remember that we were sent a recoilless rifle, which was worthless because the back blast would have killed us. I seem to remember that we disarmed it and put it down by the LZ for bait.

Recon was sent out to get this tiger because it was killing villagers. ​You had to listen for them, you wouldn't or couldn't see them coming.

The hill was initially Hill 200, then they resurveyed and renumbered it. Or visa versa, can't remember which.

Semper Fi,
Robert Beksel 

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