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Hill 488

In reference to GySgt. Howard and his 1st Recon team: I was at PI in June 1966 and our Sr. DI called us together in a “school circle” and read /told us about the fight that They were in. By the time he finished, we were some Gung Ho recruits. One year later after radio school I found myself checking in to the very same unit our DI told us about. 1st Recon was my home for the next 13 months.
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Jeff Wolven - March 30, 2020

I had the honor and privilege of Meeting GySgt. Howard in 1990. A very humble yet imposing man.

Harold W. Weist - March 30, 2020

I met SSgt. Howard at the S2/S3, Task Force Delta Hardback probably in Late larch to mid April, for about 10 minutes, 1966 at Chu Lai. I was TAD 7th Marines. He was an impressive Korean Veteran. I felt he was a Marine’s Marine. Back to Da Nang at end of May. Later I heard of what happened on the hill. Classic Marine action the public never heard of.

Wayne Hashiguchi - March 30, 2020

In January 67 I flew home from Vietnam via Okinawa with a Marine Cpl. who was a member of GySgt Howard’s team, but didn’t talk much about what happened. He was wearing a Silver star and carrying a Chicom rifle(back then weapons on a plane were not a big deal). The flight attendant just put it in the closet. We sat together and played cards most of the way back to San Francisco . When we landed a SFO and debarked, we walked by a a (hippie girl) trying to sell us flowers for peace. All I could think was how ironic!

Michael Farver - March 30, 2020

Was attached to 1st Recon in ’67 at Chu Lai and Da Nang so much familiar with SSgt Jimmy Howard and the “Hill”. Fall of ’68 at main side PX was standing next to GySgt Jimmy Howard as he calmly he recovered from a clerk a full set of ribbons. Checking off the order I knew it was Jimmy when the MOH was opened and inspected with calm. Introducing myself with brevity it was an opportunity to meet this Marine.

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