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By: Christopher S. Barker III

I was an 8404 FMF Hospital Corpsman 1965-68. I was recently informed that the term “Hospital Corpsman” is SEXIST. The Navy’s new gender neutral title is “Medical Service Technician”. I say “F#%& that”! I was, am, and always will be a Hospital Corpsman. This P.C. excrement is beginning to really stink!

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Don Z’Boray, HM2 - June 21, 2020

There’s been such backlash against dickin’ around with Navy rating names that y’all can rest easy about that medical services tech BS, according to the USNI site in Dec. 2016. See the article at

John Durant Cpl (and all that other stuff above) - June 21, 2020

To MSGT Herbert Shaw, that wasn’t an error “auto-correct” that was a “Freudian slip”,. From the looks of his “backyard” he looks like he intends to do a lot of fishing. While at Le Jeune in the H & S Btry !0th Marines we had a Gunny Sgt who in the afternoon would announce his intention to check ” X ” , Sorry but after 60 years it slips my mind the exact name he used but we all knew that that was the name of a United States Coastal and Geodetic Survey Monument located just off the highway bridge out the back gate at Snead’s Ferry. Or in other words, “I done for the day and going fishing”. .

John Durant Plt 386 @ MCRDPI (54), AIT Pendleton(54-55), E-2-12 (55-56) & H&S-10 (56-57) - June 21, 2020

Does anybody believe that this has NOTHING to do with the Commander-in-Chief’s, who will remain anonymous, use of the pronunciation of “Corpseman” ???!!! That sounds like somebody in “Graves Registration”.

Joe ” Doc ” Garcia HM3 - June 21, 2020

Once an FMF Corpsman always an FMF Corpsman. I will be a Corpsman for life. Screw the Navy, Corpsman comes from the title U S Navy Hospital Corps. Did they change that name also?? And thanks to all the Marines who agree with us and for me it was a pleasure to severe with the best.

Chris Barker, the HM2 in the article! - June 21, 2020

Thanks for all the kind and complimentary comments.

Ted K. Shimono Sgt USMC 1959-1968 - June 21, 2020

Like I said about 6 months ago when a Navy Corpsman was awarded the MOH for repeadily saving wounded Marines In Afganistan. They are the BEST MARINES the Marine Corp has. Some idiot wrote back and said the Corpsman was a Navy personnel. Yes they are Navy, but never tell a Marine who has been in combat, wounded and has been arrended to or saved by a Marine Corpsman that he isn’t a Marine. My best friend was a Corpdmsn and was killed in the battle of Hue City.

J. D. Cates - June 21, 2020

Our Doc’s were the best. In fact we took better care of them then we did of our Chaplin or his assistant. If a corpsman was swearing over you, you knew you had a chance. If the Chaplain was mumbling something over you he was trying to get you a pass through heavens gate. SEMPER Fi Doc.

Richard Espejo - June 21, 2020

You were the Bravest of the Brave. Never met any men with more OOHRAH !. I think the statement “I was never a hero, but was honored to walk next to a few” suits the “Corpsman” Perfectly. You were there for me in September of 69 and I’ll never forget. Semper Fi Always!!

Joe Henderson - June 21, 2020

Corpsman were the bravest men (yes men) to serve in the Corps. Words cannot express the thanks we had and have for these guys.Bravery is an understatement.

MSGT. Herbert Shaw, Ret. - June 21, 2020

Curses “auto correct”! And also for hitting submit before proofreading! That was supposed to be “Semper Fidelis”.

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