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Hollywood Marines

Hollywood Marines

We've all heard of Hollywood Marines. Well here's two, Cpl. Jenkins (left) and Cpl. Hagedorn. The guy in the back, I don't remember his name, must have been a boot at PI. (No shades). HQ 3/11 Nam 66.

Semper Fi, Milt (Jinx) Jenkins

I just got back from vacation in California and met up with Curt and his wife after 33 years. We got a chance to visit and go to dinner. My son, who is also a former Marine, went with me and enjoyed the reunion almost as much as I did.

Curt and I served together with HQ 3/11 (arty) in Nam. We were both radio (2533) operators. Then we also served together at Camp Pendleton with 5th Service Battalion when we got back to the states.

I lost contact with Curt after we got out. When I got this computer I started a search for Marine buddies and was having a heck of a time locating him. One day my daughter-in-law told me it must be time consuming but interesting searching for lost buddies. And asked if she could help. So I gave her Curt's name and all the information I had that I thought might help. It wasn't more than a couple of days before she located him. I got an e-mail from her saying that he was going to call me and he did. Come to find out he only lives about 4 hours from my son in California.

Curt is retiring from the California Highway Patrol in August of this year. Our mini reunion was, for lack of better words, unbelievable!!!!!!

Semper Fi,
Milt (Jinx) Jenkins

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