Hollywood Marines Had It Made!

By: Phil Richer

When I got off the train at Yamasee, SC in Aug. 1961 our Drill Instructor (a DI was Jake Webb in the movies that we learned the hard way) was a interesting young man that had a very loud voice and an abrasive attitude. He turned out to be one of our junior Drill Instructors (Sgt. Adcock). He was a young female feline compared to SSgt. Jacoby who was the Senior Drill Instructor. When we reached Parris Island the next day I don’t remember yellow footprints. I suspect they came later for the intellectually deprived recruits which also deprived the Drill Instructors the FUN of getting the mob in line. Memories!!!!

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  • Tony Woconish

    My dad was a Yamasee Marine, December 1951. When I was a boy, he told me stories of getting off the train and how the DI’s
    MESSED with them from the very start.
    I am the other hand, was a “Charleston”
    Marine 1976. Bus’d to PI, SC. (My dad rode in “cattle trucks”). We arrived and stood on the YELLOW FOOTPRINTS about 0200. S/F
    SSGT. Tony Woconish, 1976-1982

  • Courtland C Conkwright

    I was at P.I. in Jun 15 to Sept 13, 1962 Plt 238 L Company was must have crossed paths.

    Sgt Court C. Conkwright

  • Rainey L/Cpl 1975-1979

    My previous text was in response to the fellas that mentioned a DI named Adcock and nothing to do with my own PI experience. Obviously

  • Rainey L/Cpl 1975-1979

    After Graduating from PI in early February 1976, it was off to Fort Knox, KY for Tank Crewman (1811) school. First of all I was shocked to see two Drill Instructors. Fortunately, they weren’t the same as boot camp DIs. But I mention this because one of them were named Adcock and he had a very deep southern drawl. I can’t quite remember if he was a SSGT or Gunny. Anyway, in 1978 I get orders for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Marine Barracks, Ground Defense Force (you had to get big envelopes to fit that all in the return address corner). I report to Tank platoon and there’s two Gunnery Sgts. running the platoon and one of them was Gunnery Sgt Adcock. I remember somebody asking him where he was from and he answered “LA.” To which they responded, “you sure don’t sound like you’re from Los Angeles” and Gunny says, “ who the hell said anything about Los Angeles, I’m from Lower Alabama.” Both he and the other Gunny were our instructors at Ft. Knox. I don’t know how to spell the others name but it was pronounced all-clear, or something like that. Both great guys, funny as hell.

  • Sgt. Jerry Mambretti

    Yo, Stony, Good old days… Camp Matthews Hills called “Little Agony” and “Big Agony”… “Old Smokey” at ITR… Marines on a force march groaning “Not another F’n hill”!!! M60 weighed 23 lbs. at 0-dark30 and a hundred and 23 lbs by noon 30… ” Another glorious day in the Corps. Everyday is a holiday and every meal is a banquet. Steak and eggs for breakfast… Turn too, Turn too… Drop your c**ks and grab your socks” Semper Fi Stony… From Sgt. J.

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