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Honor Quilt made for a WWII USMC Veteran

Honor Quilt made for a WWII USMC Veteran

Hello Sgt. Grit,

Thought I would share a photo of an Honor Quilt I made for the WWII USMC Veteran Clarence Peterson of Texas.

Clarence worked as a radio operator on Guam and other areas of the Pacific.

Below is a letter from Clarence?s daughter Sharon:


I?m sorry it?s taken so long, but I was hoping to get all the pics my mom took as well as mine. They are attached.

My dad was very surprised about the quilt and couldn?t believe someone he didn?t even know would do something so awesome.

My Marine son Sgt Derrick Brown surprised me by coming home for Mother?s Day, so I surprised my parents by bringing Derrick with me to the local Cracker Barrel where they have breakfast every Thursday morning with long time friends, which is where the pictures were took. It was there we presented the quilt to my dad.

Thank you so much for doing this act of love. I know it took a lot of hard work to put together such a beautiful quilt and my family will be forever grateful.

Sharon of Arlington, Texas

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