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Honorary Member Induction article and photo Admin |

Gilles Lagin being presented the League CertificateGilles Lagin being presented the League Certificate

Honorary Member Induction article and photo

The Columbus Ohio Marine Corps League Detachment has made Gilles Lagin, a citizen of France, an Honorary Member of their unit. He has been mailed a framed copy of the League Certificate so recognizing him. Marine Lagin was recognized earlier in 2008 by becoming only the second non-US citizen to be named an Honorary United States Marine. This took place through action of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, as part of a commemorative ceremony held at Belleau Wood. The Commandant took that action in recognition of Lagin’s lifelong devotion to preservation of the memory of the bravery and sacrifices of the Marines at Belleau Wood during WWI, and for his creation of a museum in France honoring the WWI Marine Corps. The Belleau Wood Detachment members thought it only proper to induct Lagin as a member, and wish all Marines to be aware of Gilles Lagin’s contributions to the Corps.

Submitted by:

John Maurer, Commandant
Belleau Wood Detachment #508

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