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Honorary Nephew

Honorary Nephew

Greetings! My “honorary nephew” is back, safe, sound and newly promoted from his deployment in Iraq with the extremely hard-hit 3rd/35th USMC Reserves. Both he & his dad were very pleased with the items I got for them from Sgt. Grit; they as well as their fellow Marines & families thought my “Strength and Honor” T-shirt very appropriate too.

I enjoyed getting your online Newsletter and thought you might like to see ( & possibly include ) a photo I took form the homecoming parade for his unit last week. As you can see, some of the troops in the last busses in line waiting to unload got a mite tired of waiting & decided to use the roof escape hatches. Next thing we knew, the crowd had supplied them with both US & Corps flags & they led us in a chant of “USA”.

Sincerely yours, Jeff Jensch

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