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Hot August Day in 1960

Hot August Day in 1960 Admin |

I was on PI during August 1960. Plt 248 one month out of high school. We cut the grass with nail scissors. Quick story: Charging in from PT to shower and get ready for chow. Unknown by the DI(#1), No.2 DI had allowed the rack of the house mouse to be taken to the next barracks as a proper display for the newbies there. When the mouse saw the empty spot on the deck where his rack should have been, he ran to DI #1 and shouted out, “Sir, My rack is missing!” In in own gravely, guttural, growl, The DI replied, “Well, You’d better #### one!” After serving 30 years and almost another 30 after that, I still laugh at that often used phrase.


Don’t think those Camo utilities fit the uniform of the sixties , Nether did the Olive Drab tee shirts. I was at PI in 1965,OD utilities and white Skivvies were standard issue. Second place Drill Instructor would have beat his A$$ and made him sleep on the floor..

Sgt. Hodge,

Doubt very much if the house mouse actually said “sir MY rack is missing “ Proper would have been Sir the Private’s rack is missing” Answer would have been the same “ well s—-bird you had better s—- one”

Floyd White,

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