How Many Belt Loops

Sgt. Grit,

First of all thanks for the great newsletter, and to all the past, present, and future men and women of this great family called the United States Marine Corps. I was just wondering what questions were asked of other Marines on these boards? Here are a few that I got asked:

  1. How many trucks are in the Marine Corps?
  2. How many holes are in an MRE cracker?
  3. How many belt loops are on your BDU trousers and what do they represent?

There are many more, I am just wondering if anyone else got asked these questions or something like them.

Semper Fi and Thank you,

Stephen R. Hartley
Comm Co. 1st and 3rd FSSG
2512/2515 Wire Dawg
Desert Storm/ Somalia Vet.

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  • Randall Arnold

    In 1998, while attending a Mess Night at the Staff Academy Advanced Course at Quantico, SgtMaj Mersino approached a group of about four of us having a “cocktail” before the dinner began, to shoot the breeze. During the course of the conversation the SgtMaj posed the question about the number of belt loops on the trousers and why there were seven. One of the Gunny’s I was talking with stated that they represented the Seven Seas; to which the SgtMaj relied: “Nah, they’re to hold your trousers up.” Needless to say, we all got a great laugh out of that!

  • Al Beye

    Back to flagpole question. I hereby revise my answer to four sides. Inside, outside, topside, and bottom side.

  • Harry

    OOPs meant how MANY feet

  • Harry

    1)What is the Marines 12th general order? 2) How may feet are in a yard? 3) Does An M-79 use a flash suppressor?

  • LCPL Landrum

    I did graduate from boot as the series honor man and I too was asked “How many trucks are on this base?” The answer is clear now but being under fire with questions I drew a blank. (1) map (2) a bullet (3) a match. Don’t remember the ones I got right but I dought I will ever forget that question. Semper Fi.

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