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How Times Have Changed

How Times Have Changed

Until this past Veterans day I could not emotionally address the wall or entertain any thoughts of looking at images even on the news. During the past year or so GOD has given me strength and courage to go to the traveling WALL that was on display here in Jacksonville Fla. I secured a set of Dress Blues and thanks to the Marines stationed in Kings Bay and the 4/4 Amphibian Battalion here in Jacksonville and wore them to the wall. My emotions were as I expected them to be and I can?t tell you how long I knelt and cried in front of Panel-62. I remember coming back to the US in late 1968 standing outside the San Francisco Airport waiting for a flight back to Atlanta when I had eggs, tomatoes, and various other fluids and objects thrown at me all the while being taunted by ?Baby Killer?, ?War Monger,? and other things.

This time it was quite different as I had young people and some Korean War Vets come up to me and thank me, embrace me, and cry with me. My oh my how times have changed. I go to Church now and wear my Blues with all my medals and ribbons for our July 4th Service, and there are many people who come up to me shake my hand and say ?THANK YOU MARINE?. This is very touching and emotional for me after dealing with the 60?s and 70?s attitude. Isn?t it strange that we never meet a stranger who is or was a Marine? We seem to have that common bond and brotherhood no other branch can even begin to understand. I would give anything, even knowing my life would be shortened today, if only I could serve just one more time and be in Iraq with those Marines now serving. Being 60 years old and having Leukemia would be disqualify me but if I could get a message to those young men and women now protecting us I would say THANK YOU, SEMPER-FI and Carry On.

God Bless you Sgt. Grit,
God Bless our Beloved Corps and those active and past serving
Semper FI

Cpl. Paul Hout

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