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HQ Battery 3/11

HQ Battery 3/11

These are pictures of the cp for HQ Battery 3/11. Right after the 11 Marines moved from Chu Lai to Danang in 1967. I was a radio/telegraph operator (2533)

Page 1: First is our living quarters. Second is the EM Club. Third is the Comm. Shack, Radio was on the right and techs were on the left with the Commos office.

Page 2: Fourth is where we stored our batteries for the PRC47 and next to it is the wire bunker. That's Sosinski (Ski) coming out to the storage shack. He was a wireman and a good friend. Wish I could find him.

The last two are the FDC bunker. It was all underground. The top picture goes on the left and the bottom one goes on the right. Semper Fi, Milt (Jinx) Jenkins

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