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Humvee Accident Pictures

Humvee Accident Pictures


I am a proud marine wife and i just wanted to share some pictures with everyone from my husbands humvee explosion. to give you a little info on the pictures, the high back humvee that you see was drug out of a ditch on the side of the road. when the explosion went off under the humvee it blew it into the ditch.My husband was one of the lucky guys to say the least, and i am very happy to say he is doing fine and is still working hard out in iraq. Sadley though three men did die in this explosion and two others suffered severe injuries and are still in the hospital today. I just wanted to share these pictures so everyone could get a glimpse into something that our men and women go through on a daily basis.These men and women need everyones support, so if you feel even for a minute that you dont want to support them, take a second look at these pictures and think how you would feel if that was your own child or spouse in this wreckage. for a positive spin though i am also enclosing some really neat pictures that the USMC 1/1 BRAVO INFANTRY men took while over in iraq. i hope you enjoy them.


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