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I Almost Got There

I was a Corpsman, E-4, stationed at Portsmouth, Virginia, in 1968, looking forward to completing Pharmacists Mate School, when the word came down that “volunteers” were needed. The 28 students all put a dog tag into the bowl, and lucky me, I was the first name pulled. Next stop: FMF training, Camp Pendleton, Ca. . After training, I was assigned to Hotel 2/27. Just before receiving orders to Viet Nam, I suffered a severe right leg injury. Next step: Medical Discharge. This year marks my 50th HS reunion, and I think back to the many members of my class that went to Nam. Many of them did not make it back alive. Of the Corpsmen I trained with, many of them gave their lived. If it hadn’t been for the injury, I would have been there with my friends, instead of sitting safe at home. I miss them all greatly and have, over the years, prayed for them and their families.
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Doc danko - May 4, 2020

I would like to send this to Leatherneck Magazine to fine out if it qualifies for the tale of the year. After looking back to see if you printed my comment I realize why. I am certain as new owners of Sgt Grit you did not serve in the Marine Corps and don’t understand what bull shit is and therefore should not be held accountable. I don’t find your new format of what was once a great newsletter for Marines and Corpsmen to be something I will look forward to reading.

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