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I Am A Marine

I was born 244 years ago in 1775
Not in a hospital nor a cabin, nor a home
I was born in a Tavern on the docks in Philly.
I was given the task of augmenting the United States Naval Forces in battling for the birth of my Country.
I took that charge and made it my own,
no other would take charge from me.
It is my honor-bound duty to stand for my country,
not for diplomacy, that is the job of others.
I like the Spartans before me, smile in the face of the enemies of my home.
I am the tip of the spear,
I do not wither from my charge,
I care not who you are or what you are capable of,
I am a United States Marine,
I will not falter,
I will not hesitate,
if you are an enemy of my country,
I am coming for you personally and
I will not quit until you are my enemy no more.
It is said to forgive is divine, that is God’s job, mine is to arrange your face to face with Him.
I am just a man, born to a woman, I bleed red, I have a purpose, my purpose is to protect my country from all enemies foreign and domestic,
Try to destroy my faith, my family, and my country, we will meet. When we do, remember this, I WILL WALK AWAY when it is done.
It is said What does not kill you strengthen you,
not true of a Marine,
a Marine will kill you.
That’s my job, that’s what I do.

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william e lewis - April 20, 2020


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