I am Legacy

I am Legacy

Have you ever wondered about who you are in this life, in this world? What is your purpose in life? What will be or IS your contribution? After watching American Sniper, I wondered. Chris Kyle was a defender of our country and protector (overseer) of the troops he was with. That was his purpose. Looking back, I wondered what my purpose was, what did I do or what was I doing…. I recall going to my Marine Corps squadron’s several years ago, when Iraqi Freedom was being fought. The squadron was on their way back off of the carrier. There was a small crew from the squadron that was there to attend the reunion (lead team) and I was able to dine with a Marine that was with me from the time I was at my AFUN school. He has achieved the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant and was telling me of some of the operations that they did off of the carrier. While he was telling me that, I was feeling less and less of a Marine. I did not feel worthy of claiming the title because during my time with the squadron there were no wars, or battles. We were the ‘transition’ squadron, making the change from the older F-4 Phantoms to the new F/A-18 Hornets. We learned. We maintained. We were awarded trophies for being safe and being able to keep all of our aircraft 100%, we traveled. What MGySgt Monroe said next nearly brought me to tears. He said “Guyer, what we did back then was setting the bar for these kids that are coming into the squadron today. We set that bar so high and they are trying to reach it so much, it is the new standard. And, because of that, we were able to bring back EVERY ONE. We lost no Marines while we were there…because of what we did then. You should be proud” After the movie and reflecting on what MGySgt Monroe said, I now know more about who I am and what I am doing….my contribution. I have been in aircraft maintenance for 30 years now and I am currently a maintenance instructor getting young men and women ready to take their Airframe and Powerplant licenses. I challenge my students, they are the next generation to keep, maintain and make those flying machines safe. They will be the ones that will be working on those machines that can make man break the bounds of the earth. I am the beginning of a Legacy. What I am doing now is setting the bar for those I am teaching to reach…..I am making a difference. Submit your own Story>>
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  • Paul Chacho Jr SGT. E5 !966 to 1969

    Marine: It does not matter how or where you served or what you had to do. You are a MARINE and you served with the best. I was a Flight Line Chief in Chu Lai in VMA 211. I earned 4 MOSs in my 3 and one half years. I should have stayed in but I was a kid. I never really appreciated the great things my fellow Marines and I accomplished. Today, I would do it again 1000 times. Look around at what is going on in our country today and know, We are the good guys. Be proud. Semper Fi!! Paul.

  • Paul S. 0311

    ” Deeper, Longer, and Bigger ? ” That’s not what she said! Sorry , could not resist that comment. Always wondered who was dropping those bombs on those rainy nights THANKS GIO!! Paul S 0311

  • Gio

    Harry I imagine as a Combat Engineer you were in areas where airstrikes were necessary. A-6’s normally flew at night, or when the weather was less than ideal for visual attacks. Our saying was that we “Penetrate Deeper, Linger Longer, and Carry a Bigger Load!” All Marine aviators know that our primary mission is to provide support to that 19 year old PFC Grunt who will win the battle with his rifle and fixed bayonet. If your MOS does not start with 03 than you are in a supportive role. We as Marines are fine with that.

    Semper Fi

  • Bill 0331

    When a recommendation is made for valor the writer of the recommendation will not specify or give an opinion on which award should be received, unless it be Purple Heart, the Medals and Awards division decides which award is authorized according to the action and witness accounts. Meritorious awards are a different story. My conclusion is BOOHER IS FULL OF CRAP!! STOLEN VALOR!! Bill 0331

  • Billy Myers

    Nick, send me your mailing address and I will send a copy of my book, Marines, Medals and Vietnam. My email address is redoubt@cox.net

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