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Sgt Grit:
YankI am looking at 2 small bottles of Iwo sand. I received these from my friend and Iwo veteran Alvin Dunlap. The first one is very coarse and very black. He said he had brought it home when he left Iwo in 1945, and he said that's the way I remember it. The second bottle was given to him from some friends Who made a visit to Iwo in 1996 and from Red Beach. It is much more of a brownish color. Perhaps that is what they mean when they say "time heals everything". I will attach a picture of Alvin as it appeared in the March 1945 issue of Yank Magazine. The same photo was used in the Marines "Guidebook for Marines" about 194,7 as the face sheet for chapter 3. He also has appeared in several videos.

I am also saddened by the recent loss of another Iwo Jima veteran Chuck Lindberg the last living survivor of the first flag raisers. I will miss my many phone visits with Chuck. For those who will say there are other living survivors of that event I could once again explain the difference between "Flag Raisers" and Flag Raising Participants". But I don't want to get involved in that controversy again.

Who I am–Vernon (Tom) Mc Nulty
Waterloo IA (home of the 5 Sullivan Brothers US Army 1945-1946 US Marine Corps 1947-1952 Still a Marine

There are not enough words to express my thanks for your dedication to my beloved Corps. When my budget allows I will continue to buy only items that Chesty would approve of.

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