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I am SO proud of all our Marines and Sailors!

I am SO proud of all our Marines and Sailors!

I just want to shed some light on something that has been bothering me lately! My husband is a Sailor….attached to the Marines…but he’s not an HM! He’s an RP! All too often, the RMT- Religious Ministry Teams…aka Chaplain’s and RP’s (Religious Program Specialists) are forgotten!

My husband is currently on his second tour in Iraq, WITH the Marines! He earned his FMF in December 2004! I am EXTREMELY proud of him! I believe he’s more a Marine, than he is a Sailor, due to the fact, he’s NEVER served on a Ship! But he HAS been out in the field, side by side, taking and sending rounds downrange, with the Marines!

There is a photograph, that has circulated around many military publications, including Soldier of Fortune, which shows, partly, what an RP does!
My husband, RP2 (FMF) Kevin A. Rumsey, was providing security while the Chaplain and HM’s provided assistance to the Marines in that 7 ton rollover!

The RMT’s and HM’s are a unique breed in this military! They’re not necessarily Marines, but yet, they’ve never set foot on a ship! I’ve coined my own term….Navrine! This is the license tag my husband has on his truck!

I am the mother of 7 children, 1 son who just returned from Iraq, days after his dad went over for round two, and 4 other kids at home! Although it’s not easy “keeping the home fires burning”, I hold my head up high, knowing that my kids can sleep soundly at night, not having to worry about bullets and bombs going off in our backyard!

God Bless the Marines and Sailors, and God Bless the USA!
PROUD “Navrine” wife
Trish Rumsey
Wife to RP2 (FMF) Kevin Rumsey
1/23 8/04-3/05
MWSG-37 4/06-??

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