I Did the Same Thing-Quit School and Joined the USMC at Age 17

I joined the USMC at age 17 and it was the best thing that I could have ever done at the same time, just like you. It actually led to me getting my GED and eventually getting a BA and MPA degree later. I don’t think I would ever have made it into college without joining the Marine Corps at age 17 and I have always been very proud of my service in the USMC.
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  • Bernie

    You all make me feel ancient, I also joined at the young age of 17 back in 1959. Best thing that I ever did. I was headed down the wrong path but the Corps got me quickly realigned. LOL

  • al

    Quit hi-school in 54, joined the corp, would never thought I would amount to anything, the Marine Corp made me into a man, changed my life, summer of 54, at mcrd San Diego, Plt. 289, in 76 my son went in and got out in 82, I think all kids should join, makes them into a better person, it did me,

  • Rusty Hubbarth

    I joined when I was 17, and the lessons about never quitting and seizing your objective got me through law school, and I have been practicing law now for over 28 years. I testified numerous times in my state legislature, Texas, about maintaining the death penalty for 17 yoa Murderers. When the Supreme Court said that 17 was too young to be a conscious killer, and that the 17 year old brain hadn’t developed to that point, I retorted with my experience of being in a platoon where 65% of the recruits were 17, and that we were very capable of being extreme professional killers. Eleanor Roosevelt was correct in describing the Marines as being” Over-sexed, under-paid, teenage Killers”! In my perspective, a great compliment!!!

  • Philip Kercher

    I am so proud of what I have read – following my comment/comments above. What is/has been written is such a magnificent testament to our Corps. As all have written, it has given us the strength, fortitude, guidance and perservence to go forward – every day, year end, and year out. It has been a Mother/Father to us all. We learned that quitting was/is never an option – Marines never give up. We all know that the Corps is so ingrained into our souls that we are all one. God Bless Our Courps – today – tomorrow – and forever. Semper Fi

  • Lburk

    I joined in `73 at 17, just to get away from home, so much a Navy brat I was born in a Navy Hospital. Went Motor T. 3522. It was a fun time. Looking back knowing what I know now, I would have stayed for the long haul.

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