I Finally Got My Way with the D I.

I Finally Got My Way with the D I.

I enlisted in Aug. 1956, right out of high school as soon as I was 18. While in school I sported a mustache because I was always in too much of a hurry to get finished. So when I got to Chicago for indoctrination and swearing in and had my picture taken for my ID card it was with my mustache. After arriving at MCRD and around 3 or 4 weeks into boot training our DI’s took offense with some of the ‘screws’ starting to grow mustaches and one morning announce at roll call that when we hit the head to shave if you don’t have a mustache on your ID card you will exit the head clean shaven. Well that went as planned except I didn’t shave mine off, after all it was on my ID card. During muster for our march to the chow hall our senior DI called me out and reamed me for not following orders and who the hell do you think you are and more importantly WHERE do you think you are. I will admit I was intimidated but stood my ground and reminded him that his order was “If you don’t have a mustache on your ID card, SHAVE!”, he demanded I present my card and that is when I felt I had trumped him on that one. He didn’t like it but he was a Man about it. I was appointed to be ‘Right Guide’ afterward and performed my duties proudly and competently after that.
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  • scruffy

    B.S….No I.D card until after bootcamp..No mustache’s period…

  • Angel Ramos

    This make believe wannabe was a real bull shit story. I also don’t remember getting ID card until after we graduated. I also when to P.I.June 26,1970. Platoon 161 God bless all my Jar Head brother…oooh rahh

  • Larry Olson

    Spring of 1968 at MCRD/platoon 364/K co. no boot would be using the term you/ewe to a drill instructor without paying a very severe price. As to facial hair I never saw any and trying to shave with 80 guys in a half of a quonset hut was a challenge, I think it was half in showers and half shaving? Since my beard was very light I thought I could take blade out and only really try to shave and cut up my face every couple days, who would notice? Yup big 18 year old mistake, DI noticed and besides ripping us apart verbally plus some extra PT while platoon had a very rare smoke a few of us were given razors and ordered to dry shave the other recruit and to be sure there wasn’t any peach fuzz/hair beard to be seen. I think my raw face stayed red for at least 3-4 days. I was also told if an officer etc asked any questions I was to say I scraped my face on the obstacle course–duh, which was also the same answer we were told to tell officers if any questioned the scrapes on our knuckles which came from doing pushups on knuckles on the asphalt, hmm hadn’t thought about that part for along time. Years later overseas my Gunny asked me why I was trying to grow that shit on my face when it grows wild on your butt? Gunny logic, I shaved skimpy mustache cause it was a crummy one. I live daily with a strong sense of gratitude for being alive and don’t wonder as much as I used to why I am here and so many others never lived past 18-19-20-21. Semper Fi Marines enjoy everyday, 3/68-1/72 Sgt

  • Sgt. Wolf aka Bob Rader

    Was issued an ID card in ’53 in the Reserves but did not receive an ID card for active duty until some time after in boot camp.

  • aardq

    To clarify, Oct 31 was first day in boot camp. it was fall of 69 when I went from the 27th to the 28th. We were told that the regimental commander made the decision on facial hair.

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