I Remember All This

Yes it was a thrill to find your rack after marching around the deck, I was in 2nd Bn Platoon 232 1957 and things did not change much even after Ribbon Creek. I met SSgt McKeon later L/Cpl Mc Keon at Quantico waiting discharged under Medical. What a shame the Platoon backed him till the end but they needed a escape goat and he was it! It was awful cause I felt he was not guilty and a really true “Marine. Gen Mac Call Pate, “guilty until you proved innocent”. The Forced Marches were now called “Fire Drills” out side in PT gear with Bucket and shower shoes to run around the block. Usually this happen around 0200-0300. What fun. I love the Corps and wish I stayed in for 20 but not to be. Only 3 years.
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