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"Ike" Jackets versus "Battle" Jackets

Daniel Flynn indicated that the term "Battle" Jacket was utilized by Marines, and soldiers wore "Ike" Jackets.

I obtained my Marine "Ike" jacket sometime in late 1953 and being somewhere near 80, I do not remember exactly how I came to own it.  The only name on the inside of the upper right sleeve is mine.  I have photos where I am wearing it as a PFC; Cpl; and Sergeant (E-4)  Since the jacket has the stripes of a Sergeant (E-4), I must have stopped wearing it by the time I was promoted to Sergeant E-5) in March of 1961.  I remember how proud I was to earn Sergeant (E-5) and if that jacket could still be worn, it would have had Sergeant (E-5) stripes sewn on.

So from whenever the "Ike" jacket was authorized, until at least 1960, I do not recall it being referred to as a "Battle" Jacket;  In those early years of my service, 4 years were at two different Marine Barracks (Hingham, MA and Portsmouth, NH); and 3 years with a Infantry Battalion (2/6).  East Coast service interrupted by a forgettable tour with the 1st MarAirWing in Japan.

Perhaps the term "Battle" Jacket was a West Coast term; I do not doubt Daniel Flynn's recollections, it is just that I never heard of the "Ike" Jacket being referred as anything else.

Customs differ widely over geographic locations and unit missions. While serving with 2dANGLICO 1968-1970, I never heard of jump wings being slammed into the chest of newly qualified parachutists, and was disappointed to learn that some units indeed performed that senseless ritual.

Semper Fidelis (Not just a phrase, but a way of life)

Will Clifford Capt., USMC (Ret)(CWO-3)                           

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