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Images From Gazette

Images From Gazette

am trying to obtain some info on pictures from WWII Illustrators John Clymer & Tom Lovell who worked for the Marine Corps Gazette Magazine. They had done covers for the magazine in 1944-45 that were in turn available as prints to the magazine readers as a set of 8. (I have 6 of them) The set cost $1 at the time and were available "until the supply is exhausted". They included — the Korean incident, the Florida war, the Boxer Rebellion, apprehending seal poachers, the flag goes up on Mt. Suribachi. I am wondering if you are familiar with these.

I have inquired to the Gazette Editorial Office, the National Museum of the Marine Corps and neither have any info as to what these might be worth as collectible items. I have no idea how many remain or how rare they are or are not. I have attached some scans of them.

These were my fathers, who is a WWII Marine Corps veteran and 95 yrs old! Can anyone provide me with more info or possibly tell me what they might be worth as collectible items?

Thank you for any help you can give.

Doreen Apgar

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