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In All Seasons

In All Seasons
Kathleen C.

For I miss you in the winter
In its shades of white and gray
With the chilling snow and sleek ice
putting nature on display.
The shining sun has gone to slumber
and the days are long and trying.
The silence is only broken up
by the sounds of the icicles chiming.

For I miss you in the summer
Warm sun, warm air, blue skies
The world breaks out to enjoy the weather
taking the summer breeze as its guide.
The colors are quite different-
they are richer, brighter, more bold.
But with no one to share this beauty with
The summertime quickly grows old.

For I miss you in the autumn
in the reds, the browns and golds.
Though the color sequence is different,
the temperature is not yet cold.
The crunching of the leaves
as they fall down like confetti
Signify the passing of the time
for which I am most ready.

For I miss you in the spring time
Decorated in greens, pastels, with life
The rebirth of all nature’s beauty
is really quite a sight.
The perfume of the flowers is enchanting,
inhaling the air so sweet
That sharing this feeling with the one you love
really cannot be beat.

But you are not here with me…

We cannot share the floral scent,
or the sand between our toes.
We’ve missed watching the leaves fall down
and the snowdrifts come and go.

Because when you are not here…

Time goes by so slowly.
The days just drag and drag.
The weekends hardly come at all
and the weekdays become a nag.

But I can see the seasons passing
I watch as nature runs its course
It changes and unfolds so quickly
using time as its force

And the faster they leave, the sooner you’re home!
Oh I hope they quickly come and go!
Because the experience is no fun without you
As I am sure you already know.

For I miss you in all seasons
They are nothing when you aren’t around
So hurry home, please hurry home
So we can enjoy the seasons’ sounds.


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