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In support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm

In support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm

This picture was taken a few days after my Units arrival in Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm. My Unit arrived on Xmas eve 1990 and within 3 days they made sure to stick us (the Jarheads) out in the middle of nowhere. We continuously moved every few days up until the start off the ground offensive when we were staged outside Kuwait and consequently made the breach towards Kuwait city.

This picture was taken during our first of many new hooch sites. Pictured are some of the Marines of Headquarters Platoon C co 1/8, 2nd Mar Div. During this time I was serving as a Weapons custodian. Not a real exciting picture but it brings back many a good memory for me. Hopefully some of the Marines in this photo will see it and get in touch with me. I can't remember who took the photo, perhaps Lcpl Comm. Dude (memory's slipping).

Eric E. Fussenegger,
former E-5, 0351 C co 1/8
Semper Fidelis

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