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Ingenious Jarheads

Ingenious Jarheads

Sitting here watching a Military Channel program on the Browning 'Stinger' 30-cal as used by the Marines in WW2 – very interesting story behind it; Marines took Browning A-2's out of damaged SBD's and used an M-1 rear stock, BAR rear sight, bipod, and carrying handle, plus a modified trigger and lighter barrel, to make a light machine gun. Showed re-enactment of Marine PFC Tony Stein using one to take out numerous bunkers and pillboxes on Iwo – kept running to and from the beach to replenish the 100-rd ammo belts… took off his shoes and socks to run better in the sand. Pretty neat little MG, supposed to have a 1300rpm rate of fire!

Gotta love those ingenious Jarheads! Wonder if they used any Johnson automatic rifles there as well?

I bet John Browning is still smiling…

Griffin Murphey 

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