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Injured Marine

I don’t know how many other Marines saw the picture that is attached. An injured Marine was laying down on his side and a bunch of other around him. It looks like he got wounded in the lower back. I pray he is safe and recovering well. What captured my attention the most was there was someone holding his hand. No doubt a buddy. Someone who knows him well possibly for years or maybe just a few months. It doesn’t matter. He buddy was there for him. Holding his hand, giving him comfort during his pain. Maybe saying, hang in there, your going to be ok. This is comfort that only a Buddy can give other than your mom. Your buddy know all about you. How you smell after two weeks with out a shower and what you girl friends name is. All about your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and anyone else that you love. What your hopes for the future are and what you want to happen in your future. He knows which MRE’s you like and don’t like. You usually eat together and you automatically swap components in your meal because you know he’ll eat something you will not. He knows your favorite restaurant for libo. and anywhere else you like to go. He knows if you like to read and what literate you like to read. He know if you sing and what your favorite songs are. He also knows if you can’t sing worth a hoot because he lets you know every time you cranks up a tune. He knows what your favorite songs on the radio are and if your drunk enough you both sing together, and sound good. He knows what the first thing your going to do when you get back state side. I don’t read a lot between the lines but I just couldn’t help having a lot of thoughts run through my mind when I saw the picture.

God bless the Marine Corps and God bless America, J. Bolin “Bo”, Cpl. 1986-1992 Wpns 1/5, 81’s, Semper Fi. Boot Camp Plt. 2074

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