Inspired By The Yellow Sweatshirts

Inspired By The Yellow Sweatshirts

Inspired by the Yellow Sweatshirt we wore during bootcamp in 1962, I designed and had made this Yellow T-Shirt for the surviving members of my boot camp platoon. Twenty-two members of Platoon 145 ordered thirty-two shirts. They shipped on Tuesday, February 16th and should be in the hands of the platoon members by Thursday February 18th or Friday February 19th.

Twenty-Nine Palms – My two fondest memories of 29 Palms are the enlisted swimming pool and the bus that transported me out of that sh-t-hole three and a half months after I got there.

Semper Fi

Forged on the anvil of discipline.
The Few. The Proud.
Jerry D.

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  • Fred Romero

    Yo Jerry D, I’m not saying the “Stumps” wasn’t hard duty but if you want to talk about a harsh assignment you should try MCAS Yuma in the middle of summer. I had a kitty cruise there back in the day because I worked in the tower, but my heart went out to the Crash Crew guys who had to sit in their vehicles and bake in the heat until flight ops stopped for the day. We each have our crosses to bear but Marines always find a way to make the best of a bad poker hand. Semper fi to all my Marine brothers and sisters no matter what your MOS was/is or where you served, the payback for me is at 71-years of age I still fly the colors and show my pride via my personal plate: USMC 62!

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