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Interesting story

Interesting story

I enjoy reading your news letter and read it from end to end, especially anything to do with my era Marines (1959-1963). A few years ago I got in contact with another Marine on the internet that was stationed on Okinawa with me (1960-1961). That Marine is Tim O’Reilly. After we returned from Okinawa I never saw Tim again (48 years). We have had many recent discussions on the internet on clothing of the day, including Ike jackets,herringbone (sp?),etc. I was issued the old herringbone with the copper USMC buttons. I thought I still had some in my seabag still sitting in storage. Since I’m now 68 years old I’m learning, better get ‘er done while I still have a heartbeat. So I dumped out the seabag and much to my disappointment I only had ONE standard green utility shirt. So naturally I tried to put it on over my “disproportionately accented” body and it didn’t work. This is a picture of my shirt:

Looking closer at the name tag….

The only utility shirt I have belongs to Tim O’Reilly!! After contacting Tim we both cannot imagine how his shirt ended up in my seabag 48 years ago….or why I would have kept it there. Now I have more reason than ever for a get-together this summer. We need to re-hash the “battle” for BC street, life with “Binjo” ditches, the many typhoons getting locked into our quonset huts for 5 days at a time with a mountain of C-rations and canned water (anybody remember the “typhoon 5ths”) and of course to give Tim his shirt back that I “borrowed” 48 years ago.

Cpl Ken Schweim
1854977 MOS 2771
Platoon 104 1959 (San diego)

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