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Into DaNang Without A Pass

Into DaNang Without A Pass Admin |

One pic of DaNang Airbase. The other two are from inside DaNang city limits. E5 and below were not allowed into DaNang without a pass. But formalities are not a problem for my buddy LCpl DJ Huntsinger, later SSgt. He invited me to go to DaNang with him. Sounds great let's go. We get a few hundred yards from the gate to DaNang and he says we need to wait here. I say wait for what. A ride he says. He finally tells me what he is about to get me into. Being a dumbazs LCpl also, I agree.

We wait around. An AP journalist stops and offers us a ride. He knows we need a pass but no problem. He has a three wheeled covered vehicle. He tells us to "get down". I said covered vehicle, not enclosed. The back end is open, no door or tail gate. The guards at the gate know him and wave him through without stopping. We sail through the gate. The MP's are turned away from us, we're home free… no wait, one of them turns sees Hunts and me hunkered down. He gets a bit animated with the other gate guards. A couple of them jump in a jeep and the race is on. We get a joy ride through back alleys of DaNang. He losses them. He takes us to his apartment. Offers us a beer. Tells us to stay in his apartment for an hour before we venture out on the streets. He leaves two young Marines alone in his apartment and leaves. Great memory.

Semper Fi!
Sgt Grit 

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