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Thurman Howard

Long before facing Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima sands,
A group of warriors arose, a brave and hearty band.
Trained and learned a special art, both on land and sea,
They did because they were patriots, and for the likes of me.

They didn’t ask ‘why must we die for a purpose ill conceived?’
They go to protect our citizens from mortal threats perceived.
With a sword and musket, they honed their skills so well.
They learned of discipline and the tolling of the funeral bell.

The Bible tells of love supreme -of a life freely given.
A man willing to give up His own life, so we can go on living.
His work was done; He agreed to pay the price for all.
Inspired the men who serve today to heed our nation’s call.

Trying tasks which they embrace with faith as strong as steel,
Courage, duty, and honor rule; their brave hearts are revealed.
Whenever our country calls for men to go to great extremes,
One force is called on first to lead, the United States Marines.

If danger looms, our best will rise, I hear their solemn creed:
Call on us! Semper Fi! The United States Marines.


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