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IRAQ 2006
by Anna Betz

My 87 year old mother wrote this, my dad was ww2 i was vietnam echo 2/3, and my son was in 1997-2001

semper fi
oj betz
sgt. usmc ret.

As a wife , mother and grandmom
Of 3 great Marines
This talk of murder in Iraq is giving
Me screams.
They take these young men and teach them
To fight
Not telling them whether it’s
Wrong or right.
And send them off to Foreign Shores
To serve in Religious and Civil Wars.
They see friends blown up in front
Of their eyes.
They can’t tell who are
The Bad or who are the Good guys.
They all look the same and fighting
Street to street
Is a pretty tough war, it just
Ain’t neat.
So for Pete’s sake, don’t try them
If they shot the wrong one.
This kind of conflict is not much fun.
Let the Folks who sent them take the Blame,
But to try our Marines is a
Bloody Shame.


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